Free introductory meeting

A no-obligation introductory meeting is free of charge at our office. We do check beforehand whether we can help you with your legal question, so that we ask you to indicate in advance what kind of legal question you want to discuss.

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Fixed prices or hourly rate?

Fixed prices ( fixed fee )

If it quickly becomes clear that a procedure is necessary in your case, it is often possible to agree on a fixed price for the case. During the intake interview we advise you about the choice. If you occasionally need advice, or if it is not yet clear whether a procedure is necessary, an hourly rate is usually more favorable. The advantage of a fixed fee is that you know in advance what the costs are.

Hourly rate

Our hourly rate is tailor-made. We look at, among other things, the financial importance of the case and the specialist knowledge we have in the relevant field of law. A higher hourly rate for your case does not necessarily mean that you will pay more if the lawyer has specialist knowledge in-house. Indicatively, we use hourly rates between € 170 and € 250 (excluding VAT) depending on the importance of the case.

Legal assistance insurance or pro bono?

Legal aid insurance and trade unions

Do you have legal assistance insurance with DAS, ARAG or another insurer or are you a member of a trade union that provides legal aid? Then you are not obliged to make use of the legal assistance of the lawyer of the insurer or the union. You have a free choice of lawyer. You are entitled to the quality of a lawyer: you are insured for that! We will agree the compensation for you with the insurer. We work together with all well-known legal assistance insurers. Incidentally, it happens that a certain type of case is not covered by insurance, because of the chosen insurance module or because of exclusions in the policy.

Funded legal aid

You may be eligible for government funded (addition or pro bono) benefits based on your income. Here you will find all information about additives. Unfortunately, we cannot always accept a case on the basis of an addition. This depends, among other things, on whether the lawyer is registered for the relevant jurisdiction.

Additional costs (disbursements)

A procedure involves costs of third parties that we advance and charge on. For example, the court charges a fee for starting a lawsuit (court fee). The bailiff charges a fee for issuing a summons, and so on. We will discuss these costs with you in advance as much as possible.


We help our clients find a solution to their legal question. Without fuss, transparent about the costs and with the best possible assessment of your chances if you have to litigate in court.