As of December 28, 2009, the Netherlands has introduced the European Union Services Directive (Directive 2006/123/EC). Lawyers are obliged under that directive to provide public information about their services.

Mandatory notifications pursuant to art. 6:230b BW

Trade name of the office: Hupkes cs lawyers
Legal form of the office: Partnership of sole proprietorships. A contract for services is concluded with the relevant independent lawyer. The collaboration is organized through a practice foundation that does not provide legal services.
Statutory name: Hupkes cs lawyers foundation
Geographical address: Regus Buitenveldert Offices II
1083 GG Amsterdam
Phone: + 31 (0) 20 696 3000
fax: + 31 (0) 20 696 4008
Chamber of Commerce number: mr. Hupkes: 34305766
Mr Hoogendoorn: 80499937
Mr Keet: 64894021
Mr Ruys: 63469472
Practice Foundation: 77508890
Registration as a lawyer: Our lawyers are registered with:
Dutch Bar Association
Princess Beatrixlaan 5
2595 AK The Hague
tel. 070-3353535
VAT number: mr LTM Keet: NL218595384B01
mr DW Ruys: NL001715248B03
mr MA Hupkes: NL001975537B49
mr. HFC Hoogendoorn: NL003448056B03The VAT number of our practice foundation is:
Hupkes cs attorneys’ foundation: NL861029598B01
Terms and Conditions: Go to the Terms and Conditions
Applicable law: Dutch law applies to all agreements concluded with our office
Competent judge: The judge in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
The predetermined price: Go to the Rates page
Description of services: We provide legal assistance in proceedings and provide legal advice
Professional liability insurance: Our lawyers have insured their professional liability with a Dutch insurance company through a policy that meets the requirements of the Dutch Bar Association. The name of the insurer and the policy number will be provided at the request of an interested party.
Complaints procedure: Download the Complaints Protocol from our office

Additional notices pursuant to art. 6:230d BW

Collaboration notification: Does not apply
Relevant additional positions: Mr MA Hupkes:
– auditor Dutch lawyers (until January 1, 2010)
– pls. Registrar Council of Discipline District Amsterdam (until 2015)
Regulations to prevent conflicts of interest in ancillary positions: Does not apply


We help our clients find a solution to their legal question. Without fuss, transparent about the costs and with the best possible assessment of your chances if you have to litigate in court.