Not only lawyers, but also bailiffs and collection agencies are involved in collecting unpaid bills. Nevertheless, it is wise to choose a lawyer for outstanding invoices above 5,000 euros.

A lawyer oversees the entire field

In debt collection cases, the lawyer is the specialist who has the most in-house knowledge to bring the case to a successful conclusion. But it is not just about legal knowledge and litigation experience. A lawyer also has legal powers that other collection specialists do not have. Applying for bankruptcy of a debtor, for example. You can sometimes also receive payment for an invoice from an empty BV. Another important option that you only have if you commission a lawyer, is the attachment in advance . You can do this if you want to be sure that the debtor can pay after the process. Moreover, seizure often quickly leads to a settlement. Do you expect a substantive defense from the debtor because he has already protested against the invoice? In that case, a lawyer is always the best choice, because the judge must assess the defence.

You want to defend against a claim

Debt collection has two sides. It is also possible that you are the debtor, but that you do not want to pay. Your creditor demands payment, but you do not agree with the claim. You may even have a counterclaim that you want to bring to court. Then you have a substantive legal dispute and it is best to consult a lawyer.

Civil litigation in complex cases

Collection cases are sometimes simple in nature. Invoices have to be paid. We handle such matters cheaply and quickly. But we are also good at complex procedures. We’ve made our mark on complicated cases about the duty of care of banks, about liability for environmental pollution, about complex contracts, about international transactions, and so on.

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At our office, the first consultation with a lawyer is always without obligation. During an introductory meeting it is almost always possible to make a good estimate of both the chances of success of your case and the costs. We ask new clients to first email us their legal question via a web form.