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Disputes about Residential Property

Renting out your Dutch house; three major major pitfalls

In recent times, the population of major Dutch cities has become more and more international. However, finding decent and affordable accomodation is not easy in the Netherlands, particularly in the cities. Dutch housing market has been more than tense for quite some years now, traditionally in the western part of the country, but more and more in other parts too. Ownership of a house has been stimulated by the government for decades, and as a [...]

What can a seller of a home do if the buyer doesn’t pay?

A seller can suffer considerable damage if a buyer dissolves the purchase contract. Termination is not always possible and not always valid. What are the pitfalls for buyers when invoking a financing reservation, and what can a seller do to claim damages if the sale is canceled incorrectly? The seller usually claims 10% of the purchase price, the cancellation penalty, but can also recover the entire damage or prefer fulfillment.

Dutch Rental & Property Law

We are specialists in matters of property. We help tenants and landlords, owners, sellers and other interested parties. Residential rentals Dutch law provides strong protection for tenants of independent living space. A landlord cannot simply terminate a rental contract. Termination due to breach of contract can only be determined by a judge. Fixed-term rental is not impossible, but the contract must fulfil the relevant requirements. Sadly, sometimes expats  are presented with invalid contracts because they [...]

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