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What can a seller of a home do if the buyer doesn’t pay?

A seller can suffer considerable damage if a buyer dissolves the purchase contract. Termination is not always possible and not always valid. What are the pitfalls for buyers when invoking a financing reservation, and what can a seller do to claim damages if the sale is canceled incorrectly? The seller usually claims 10% of the purchase price, the cancellation penalty, but can also recover the entire damage or prefer fulfillment.

Can the neighbor build on his garden?

A sunny garden in the city is enjoyable. Others prefer more living space: they want to build up their garden. That's bad,news for the neighbor who prefers sunlight and daylight. Is such an extension unlawful and can you stop the construction through the courts? How will the courts decide, what is the role of the zoning plan, and does the architectural value of the building complex count?

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