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What can a seller of a home do if the buyer doesn’t pay?

A seller can suffer considerable damage if a buyer dissolves the purchase contract. Termination is not always possible and not always valid. What are the pitfalls for buyers when invoking a financing reservation, and what can a seller do to claim damages if the sale is canceled incorrectly? The seller usually claims 10% of the purchase price, the cancellation penalty, but can also recover the entire damage or prefer fulfillment.

Dutch Contract Law

Dutch law also includes the possibility that contractual obligations are not recognised under the law itself. An agreement to break the law, for instance, is not valid and cannot therefore be enforced by a judge. Such a situation seldom arises in professional contracts between businesses, but nevertheless it is advisable to seek legal advice if there is a lot at stake. In the Netherlands verbal agreements are just as valid as written contracts, although it [...]

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Appeal possible in dismissal cases

Until 1 July 2015, no appeal can be lodged against dismissal decisions. That will be different. Employees who have been dismissed can already receive unemployment benefits and can also collect the severance pay. Their employers run the risk that the higher court will reverse their dismissal.

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