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Dutch Civil Litigation

In the Netherlands most cases begin in the district court (“rechtbank”). Appeals against decisions of the district court can be heard at one of the four high courts (“gerechtshof”). Above the high courts is the supreme court, the High Council of the Netherlands (“Hoge Raad”) Summary proceedings In the Netherlands, “summary proceedings” is a popular procedure intended to quickly provide clarity regarding legal disputes. Just as in other countries, court cases can take a long [...]

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Legal terms of appeal

What does it mean? Terminology Different terminology is used in the court of appeals than in the district court. This page provides an overview of legal terms and concepts. Also review the appeal checklist. Project KEI An automation project of the courts. Starting in 2018, all cases would be litigated digitally. The difference between subpoena and petition cases would narrow and the terminology would begin to change. The project has since been discontinued so the [...]

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Appeal checklist

Checklist for appeal and second opinion You have received a judgment and are considering an appeal. What should you bring to a lawyer and why?   The pronounciation This is the most important document to bring. Not only the final judgment, but also any interlocutory orders and summons letters from the court. The other procedural documents These must be turned in to the court. Furthermore, of course, we need to see if the court has [...]

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Second Opinion

Before you decide to appeal, you want to know what your chances are. That is why we offer you a second opinion on your case at the court. Before you decide to appeal, you want to know what your chances are. That is why we offer you a second opinion on your case at the court. We then look at the chance of an appeal, but also at the approach of the case to the [...]

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Resistance and appeal

If you have been declared bankrupt and you do not agree with this, you can lodge an appeal or opposition. What is resistance? Objection is a legal procedure before a court to reverse a bankruptcy order. An appeal can be lodged if the person or company/institution declared bankrupt has not appeared and has not responded to the case (legally: if the judgment was pronounced in absentia). What is an appeal? An appeal is a legal [...]

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Appeal possible in dismissal cases

Until 1 July 2015, no appeal can be lodged against dismissal decisions. That will be different. Employees who have been dismissed can already receive unemployment benefits and can also collect the severance pay. Their employers run the risk that the higher court will reverse their dismissal.

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