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Being sick as an employee, what now?

When is an employee sick? There are several aspects to look at to determine whether an employee is sick or not. And if an employee is ill, does the employee have obligations? And does an employer have obligations? In this blog you can read about illness among employees and the obligations that arise from this from both the employee and the employer. Sick according to the law When a sick employee is referred to, the [...]

2024-03-07T21:45:12+01:0010 April 2022|Various|

What to do when your Dutch supplier does not comply with its contractual obligations? Default?

Suppose that your company has done business in the Netherlands. You have bought a machine, have done a delivery or you have given a different order. The arrangements have clearly been outlined in a contract, in e-mails or in a different way. You have received an invoice and paid it. Now you are expecting a delivery from the Dutch company, but the product does not arrive. What to do now? Contracts have to be honoured. [...]

2022-08-19T11:36:46+01:0018 April 2018|How To, Various|

Order will actively enforce rule of conduct 2 paragraph 2 regarding lead generators

More and more attorneys are recruiting clients through "lead generators." The Bar Association has announced an offensive against this way of working. There will be a "repentance" scheme for lawyers who disclose. The Order's approach leads to questions of principle about how lead generators work, a young industry in which a lot of money is involved.

2024-03-07T16:51:26+01:0014 January 2016|How To, Various|
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