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What is a boiler room?

A boiler room is a criminal organization that extorts money from people through fake investments. Boilerrooms disappear after a while and the loot is often hard to find after that. Method There is not one typical method for this criminal activity. Many boiler rooms approach their victims by telephone and persuade them to invest via a website. This website can give access to a (fake) account where the victim is led to believe that his [...]

Duty of care of banks in The Netherlands: also for third parties?

In the Netherlands banks have a duty of care for their own clients, and also for third parties who do not bank with them. Under this case law victims of fraud or scams can in certain cases claim damages from the perpetrator’s bank. Banks’ duty of care Under the Dutch civil legal system banks have a duty of care for their own clients, account holders and investors. Case law from the highest court, however, takes [...]

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