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How far do Dutch courts go in enforcing religious divorces?

In the court of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, lawsuits are regularly initiated by Jewish wives who are not resident in the Netherlands. They litigate against their Jewish husbands in order to force a religious divorce. What is the background to these procedures? Forcing a Get In Jewish religious divorce law a religious divorce is set in motion by the “Get”, a declaration made by the husband. If the husband does not declare the Get the divorce [...]

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Dutch Family Law

In the case of international marriages, the matter of whether Dutch law or that of another country is applicable must first be established. The Netherlands has a modern and liberal family law structure, whereby non-traditional relationships are treated in the same way as traditional relationships. However, the matter of whether the partners are officially married or living together unmarried makes a lot of difference.  The law applies certain consequences to the existence of a marriage. [...]

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