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Dutch Insolvency Law

It is possible that a Dutch court can declare an English limited company, a Belgian BVBA or a German GmbH bankrupt. It is said that capitalism was invented in The Netherlands. The first multinational in history was the VOC, the Dutch East India Company. The VOC was also the first company listed on the stock exchange. The shares were traded on the oldest stock exchange in the world, the Amsterdam Beurs. What not so many [...]

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All the information on bankruptcy benefits for employees

The statutory scheme assumes that the employee is entitled to the "wage guarantee scheme" if the employer has an inability to pay. In a bankruptcy declared at the request of the employees, this is automatically the case. Very occasionally, there is also an inability to pay without bankruptcy. For example, in the case of a foreign-based company or in the absence of support claims. But in any case, the UWV wants the employees to take action to collect their salary claim. This will almost always have to be done through a lawyer. Only a lawyer has the legal powers necessary to bring the case to a successful conclusion without loss of time.

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