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What to do when your Dutch supplier does not comply with its contractual obligations? Default?

Suppose that your company has done business in the Netherlands. You have bought a machine, have done a delivery or you have given a different order. The arrangements have clearly been outlined in a contract, in e-mails or in a different way. You have received an invoice and paid it. Now you are expecting a delivery from the Dutch company, but the product does not arrive. What to do now? Contracts have to be honoured. [...]

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Dutch Contract Law

Dutch law also includes the possibility that contractual obligations are not recognised under the law itself. An agreement to break the law, for instance, is not valid and cannot therefore be enforced by a judge. Such a situation seldom arises in professional contracts between businesses, but nevertheless it is advisable to seek legal advice if there is a lot at stake. In the Netherlands verbal agreements are just as valid as written contracts, although it [...]

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