Checklist for appeal and second opinion

You have received a judgment and are considering an appeal. What should you bring to a lawyer and why?


The pronounciation

This is the most important document to bring. Not only the final judgment, but also any interlocutory orders and summons letters from the court.

The other procedural documents

These must be turned in to the court. Furthermore, of course, we need to see if the court has overlooked any arguments and if the strategic approach needs to be changed.

Bailiffs’ Exhibits

It may be that the judgment you wish to appeal has been delivered to you by a bailiff. Or you yourself have been summoned to appeal by a bailiff. In that case, we would like to receive these documents. This is necessary to determine how much time is left.

Your identification

We need to establish who you are, so you will need to bring valid identification. Do you represent a company? If so, please also bring an extract from the Chamber of Commerce.

Your income information

If you expect to qualify for funded legal aid, we will make an application for you. More information can be found on (in Dutch)

Legal opinions

Did you have help from an attorney or other legal professional at the court proceedings? We would like to know what they have advised you and what their diagnosis is. By the way, you are not required to say that you want a second opinion.


If you hand the case over to us we will need the entire file, so not only the information mentioned above, but also all letters, emails and so on. Do you want the second opinion first? If so, the entire file is not necessary, and the above information will suffice. At the first interview, you never need to bring the entire file right away.