Before you decide to appeal, you want to know what your chances are. That is why we offer you a second opinion on your case at the court.

Before you decide to appeal, you want to know what your chances are. That is why we offer you a second opinion on your case at the court. We then look at the chance of an appeal, but also at the approach of the case to the court.

What exactly is a second opinion?

You have already had a lawsuit in court, and now you want to know more about appeal. Then you are probably disappointed in the result. That can be for a variety of reasons. Certain arguments have not been put forward. A piece of evidence is missing. A process rule has been overlooked. And so on. When you read the court’s decision, you may think: if I had known that, I would have handled it differently. But is that really so? Can a different approach lead to a different result? Or can the same approach still lead to a different result? If you have such questions, you will benefit from a second opinion.

Position of your lawyer

Did you already have help from a lawyer or another lawyer at the court? Then his or her advice about the case before the court is of course also important. However, the lawsuit did not end well. Therefore, it may be difficult to discuss the weaknesses of the pronunciation with you. If you wish, you can confidentially request a second opinion from us. Were you helped by a lawyer or did you litigate yourself? Keep in mind that only lawyers are allowed to handle appeals, other lawyers are not allowed to.

Another lawyer for the appeal?

Our 2nd opinion is not intended to bring you in as a client. You can decide what you want after the 2nd opinion. If your previous lawyer did a good job, but still didn’t succeed in court, we’ll tell you honestly. Maybe you should just stick with your lawyer. We may also see an opportunity that has not yet been tried. If a different approach can be successful, then you can think about what steps you want to take. You may hear about your case that you did not hear from your previous attorney. Then you are better informed about the options available to you. That is the purpose of the 2nd opinion. And of course it sometimes happens that someone changes lawyer after a lost lawsuit. That is not so strange.

What we need

In order to prepare for the interview, we need the decision of the court that you want to appeal in advance. We would also like to receive the procedural documents. All documents will be returned to you after the interview. We do ask that you send the documents in advance, so that we can properly prepare for the interview.

Not expensive

A 2nd opinion costs € 400 with us (fixed price, for private individuals including VAT and for entrepreneurs excluding VAT)

After the 2nd opinion

Requesting a second opinion does not mean that you are immediately tied to an expensive appeal. It is intended as a way to help you make a good decision. We also do not accept every order. In our view, it is important that an appeal has a real chance and is meaningful, otherwise you should not start it.